About Us

Magic Codes is a registered Zimbabwean based company which was formed in November 2018. The company specialises in software development, graphics as well as tutoring. The software part is divided into web design/development and mobile app development.
The company was founded by Tafadzwa Nyazorwe on 10 November 2018 and by then only focused on Web design. Due to its rapid growth and changes in the market trend, it ventured into web development, management systems as well mobile app development. So far the company has worked with international companies of which some projects resulted in partnerships, which is a milestone. To give back to the society, Magic Codes Family has developed an academy where students can learn and enhance their skills in programming. Some of the successful students are enrolled at our company. Our hope and prayer is to be the leading software provider in Zimbabwe and the world at large.

Our Belief

As a family, we believe in quality. Achieving the system requirement define us.

Our Motivation

Having big and startup organizations and companies considering us as their service provider is a great motivation to us.

  • Vision
  • Mission Statement
  • Goals
  • Motto

In every home, every office, every country, Magic Codes be the service provider

To be the leading software provider that can meet user as well as system requirement that are not only functional but user friendly.


  • To be the best software provider in Africa and the world as whole.
  • To train as many people s possible to code
  • To expand into multiple services
  • Remain on top.
  • code, code, code... we are family.

    Our Pride


    • We have worked with different companies/enterprises/organizations/students across the globe which is a great achievement to Magic Codes Family.

    Websites Designed

    Mobile Applications/Management Systems

    Students Trained